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Test and Inspection Equipment

These products are used for testing and inspecting fibre optic cables. We deliver fibre optic test equipment that is designed to provide accurate results every time. They are engineered to endure field environments and feature intuitive user interfaces that provide quick results without complicated training requirements. On our webshop you can find fibre identifiers, loss test kits, inspection and cleaning sets, OTDRs, fault locators and more.



Whether installing or troubleshooting, the Viavi FFL-100 Visual Fault Locator (VFL) is an essential tool that quickly and easily locates problem areas in fiber cables. By pinpointing the exact location of fiber damage, technicians can diagnose, troubleshoot, and fix the problem efficiently.

The FFL-100 is equipped with a 2.5 mm interface and is compatible with connectors such as SC, ST, and FC, while the 1.25 mm adapter enables connection to LC and MU connectors. The VFL emits a bright red laser beam (Class II), making the light escaping from the damaged fiber easily visible from a distance. The Continuous/Flash control button lets operators choose between continuous or flashing illumination.

Smart OTDR



The MTS-2000 is a handheld modular test set the installation, turn-up and maintenance of optical fibers across enterprise, metro and FTTx/access point-to-point or point-to-multipoint networks (PONs). The MTS-2000's innovative design and hands-free bag ensure that all essential fiber test tools are close at hand, whatever the job or location.



The MTS-4000 is a small, compact and handheld test platform designed for all phases of the network lifecycle, from the installation to the maintenance of Access/FTTx networks and triple-play services. Modular in design, the MTS-4000 offers field service technicians the highest performance and superior levels of scalability and upgradeability.



The MTS-6000 is a compact and lightweight test platform designed for the installation and maintenance of fiber networks. Modular in design, the MTS-6000 offers an extensive portfolio of test functionality, with over 40 different fiber modules supporting a wide range of applications, you can choose from IL/ORL, OTDR, PMD, CD, or WDM plug-in modules.


OTDR Modules 4000

Viavi 4100-Series OTDR modules enable field technicians to rapidly, reliably, and cost-effectively install, turn up, and troubleshoot any optical network architecture – Enterprise, FTTA, FTTx/Access point-to-point or point-to-multi-point Passive Optical Networks (PONs) and Metro. The optical performances of the 4100-Series OTDR modules combined with the complete suite of T-BERD/MTS platforms testing features ensure that any testing job is done right the first time.

ONMS systeem (smart OTU)


SmartOTU is an innovative solution that monitors critical fibers in small private networks. It can be played right out of the box with no training or IT configuration required. When a fiber event occurs, it alerts users within minutes either by email, SMS or SNMP.




The P5000i makes it fast and easy to certify that every connection in your network is clear and optimized. This intelligent fiber microscope removes the guesswork from fiber inspection and provides reliable and objective PASS/FAIL analysis of the fibers that connect customers to your network and to the best user experience possible. The P5000i fiber microscope also enables PASS/FAIL analysis using many Viavi test solutions that users already rely on for essential network testing.

Smartpocket OLP 35


The OLP35 is pocket-sized and low-cost optical power meter for the installation and maintenance of singlemode and multimode fiber optic networks.

The OLP-35 is mainly used to measure optical power level (dBm) in premises, telco, or CATV fiber optic networks, it can also be combined with LED (OLS-34/OLS-36) or laser light sources (OLS-35/OLS-36) for insertion loss measurement.

Smartpocket OMK test kits

  • The OMK-34 is a dual-wavelength optical test kit with a single-port LED source (OLS-34) and a power meter with a universal push/pull adapter (UPP) interface (OLP-34) for power and loss measurement in singlemode and multimode LAN/WAN and Enterprise.
  • The OMK-36 is a quad-wavelength optical test kit with a dual-port light source (OLS-36) and a power meter with a UPP interface (OLP-35) for singlemode and multimode power and loss measurement.
  • The OMK-35 is a dual-wavelength optical test kit with a single-port laser source (OLS-35) and a power meter with a UPP interface (OLP-35) for singlemode power measurement and loss test in access and metro networks.
  • The OMK-38 is a dual-wavelength optical test kit with a single-port laser source (OLS-35) and a power meter with a UPP interface (OLP-38) for singlemode power and loss measurement especially in high power CATV networks.

OLP 82


The OLP-82 is the first handheld tool to combine pass/fail fiber inspection and optical power measurement

(OPM) into one solution. As part of the newViavi SmartClass Fiber family, the OLP-82 helps service providers guarantee a lifetime of system performance from their network connectivity and gives contractors an essentialtool for delivering best-in-class reliable networks to their customers.


Fibertrace (OFS100)

OFS-100 Fiber Trace is a post-processing software for off-line analysis of field-acquired optical-layer test results. Quickly and easily edit, analyze test data and generate Loss (IL), Return Loss (ORL), OTDR, Dispersion (CD & PMD), Attenuation Profile (AP) or OSA reports with JDSU OFS-100 Fiber Trace.

Fibertrace (OFS200)

In a single step, OFS-200 compiles all of the data into a professional document. The report includes events, fibers and cable statistics, providing an out-of-range values summary and multiple-wavelength comparison pinpoints fiber constraints or micro-bends. In addition to the pre-defined spreadsheets format (standard and compact spreadsheets), the software flexibility allows report customization to better match the end customer requirements.

Special Labo

Fibertrace (OFS200) Map - Multiple Application Platform

The Viavi Multiple Application Platform (MAP-200) is an optical test and measurement platform optimized for cost-effective development and manufacturing of optical transmission network elements. Today's rapidly changing optical market requires investment in productivity-enhancing technologies and tools, making the MAP-200 scalable test platform the right tool needed in even the most stringent environments.

Based on the previous-generation Multiple Application Platform (MAP), the MAP-200 builds on the differentiation of offering the broadest portfolio of modules in the densest and most configurable platform. The MAP-200 is optimized for test applications in lab and manufacturing environments ranging from insertion loss testing to dispersion penalty testing.

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