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Cutting tools

Our cutting tools exist of a wide range of cutters specially designed to remove the sheath of fibre bundles or to cut Kevlar strength members, subduct tubes and HDPE ducts.

Bundle opener

Jacket removers

The sheath of fibre bundles can be removed with a rotatable 2 positions head tool, the position of the blades can be changed into transverse or longitudinal penetration.

Kevlar scissor

Kevlar scissors

A Kevlar scissor ables you to cut the Kevlar strands of fibre coatings, normal scissors have difficulties to cut through Kevlar.

Subduct cutter

Subduct cutters

Subduct tubes have to be cut straight, without crushing the tube. This to make an air- and watertight closing when using connectors.

HDPE cutter

HDPE cutters and scapers

HDPE cutters allow you to realize a straight circular cutting on HDPE ducts. These tools make it possible to cut, open or scrape any type of HDPE duct.

Stripping tools

Stripping tool

Fibre strippers are necessary to safely remove the buffer from fibre optical cables. When carrying out this task it must be guaranteed that the appropriate length is removed and that neither the core nor the cladding are damaged in any way.

The offered strippers are made for rugged field use while consistently delivering quality.
These fibre optic strippers perform all common fibre stripping functions, they can remove 2-3mm jacketing, 900um and 250um buffer down to the fibre without nicks or scratches.

Cleaning tools

Cleaning tool

Cleaning connectors before inserting them into fibre optic ports is an important step in equipment maintenance by preventing the build-up of dust and dirt and to achieve optimal performance and low loss connectivity.

These instruments clean the ferrule end face of optical fibre cables by removing dust, oil and other debris without nicking or scratching the end face.

Cleaning unmated connectors and connectors installed in a patch panel is possible with these cleaning tools.

Other tools

Other tools

A variety of other tools for the installation of fibre optic related equipment is available on our webshop.

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