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Manholes are important to underground network distribution, both for in-line splices and branch lines to homes. One or more closures including excess fibre cable can be stored in these manholes.
The choice of cover type, either completely made of plastic or cast iron, is determined by the class of traffic and where the manhole is placed. HDPE or subduct pipes can be inserted using the corresponding couplings.

Several different models, for installation below or at ground level, are available on our webshop.



An important part of fibre optic distribution networks are closures.
Fibres require enhanced protection against interruption in the data flow, closures provide this protection.

Fibre Optic Splice Closures are designed to simplify splice management and maintenance.
Intuitive engineering design reduces the installation time and complexity associated with fibre splicing in the field. No heat, adhesives, drills or powered equipment for installation or re-entry are required, just simply use a common can wrench to access and install the cable.

Closures are durable, easy-to-install and will increase productivity, reduce labour expenses, and last the life of your plant.

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