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Splice Machines

Fusion splicing is the act of joining two optical fibres end-to-end using heat. The goal is to fuse the two fibres together in such a way that the light passing through is not scattered or reflected by the splice. The first step of fusing is to remove the coating of the end of each fibre, the stripping of the fibre.Then the fibre is cleaved, using a special cleaver, so both ends of the fibres are perfectly flat and perpendicular to the axis of the fibre. After this, the fibres are clamped upon the machine. The two endfaces are controlled and aligned by the inspection microscope and then fused together by the two electrodes. When the fusion is complete, the bare fibre area is protected by a splice protector. The splice machines we offer are from Fujikura, the most widely used brand in the world and known for their performance, productivity and reliability. 

FSM-41S Fusion Splicer

The Fujikura 41S is Active V-groove splicer. By using Bluetooth technology, the 41S wirelessly connects to the CT50 fibre cleaver and enables a range of pioneering features that will improve the overall installation time, cost and efficiency for operators. The 41S also has the unique capability to estimate splice loss with greater accuracy, using a New Core Loss Estimation Function.


  • Active V-groove fibre alignment
  • Core loss estimation 
  • Fast splicing time 6sec.
  • Extremely lightweight at 1.3kg including battery
  • Robust design plus shock, dust and rain resistant
  • Touch screen with easy operation
  • Multi-functional carry case with integrated work table 
  • Bluetooth capability connection
  Click here to download the datasheet of the FSM-41S


FSM-70S+ Fusion Splicer

The Fujikura 70S+ is the world’s fastest and most robust core alignment fusion splicer covering varied splicing needs in those fields with a series of innovative features, such as automated wind protector / tube heaters, 6 seconds splicing and 9 seconds tube heating, ruggedized body, improved carrying case, wireless communication functions, etc. They are all for great splicing efficiency.


  • Splicing 6sec. (ULTRA FAST)
  • Tube heating time 9sec. (Slim60mm)
  • Minimun manual operation. Splice in 4 steps
  • High capacity Lithium-Ion battery pack (200 splices/shrinks)
  • On-board training and support videos
  • Multi-function transit case with integrated workstation
  • Slide in AC adaptor
  • Absolute robustness
  • Bluetooth capability connection
  • Automated Wind-Protector
Click here to get to know more about the FSM-70S+  


FSM-70R+ Ribbon Fusion Splicer

The Fujikura 70R+ is the world's fastest and most ruggedised ribbon fusion splicer. The 70R+ delivers a splice and heat cycle time of approximately 51 seconds. Incorporating new automated features and on-board instructional videos, it sets the benchmark in speed, ease of use and optical performance


70R plus
  • Fully automated wind cover and heater operation
  • FAST! 11 second splice time /40 second heat time (12F Ribbon)
  • Long-life battery provides 110 splice/heat cycles
  • Extended electrode performance with 1500 splices per set
  • Large, high visibility 4.73” colour screen
  • 30” drop tested on all six sides
  • Fibre holder and FUSEConnect® compatible
  • On-board instructional videos
  • Transit case with work table
  • Bluetooth capability
Click here to get to know more about the FSM-70R+  

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