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Consumables for Splicing

Fusion splicing offers a simplified and convenient way to achieve fiber optic connectivity, it’s, in other words, an efficient method of connecting fibers together using a fusion splicer. Fiber joints are fragile, so using a splice protection sleeve is always recommended. We offer various splice protection sleeves to meet any application.

Fusion Splice Protection Sleeve

Consumables for Cleaning

When working with fiber optic material, cleaning is an essential part. When not cleaned properly chances of network failure increase considerably. Proper cleaning will extend the life of connects and reduce possible replacement costs. Clean fibers and connectors will maximize network performances.


Fiber Optic Cleaning Alcohol is dehydrated alcohol for fiber optic applications. Fades quickly, so no need for after-drying. Leaves hardly any residue, unlike other alcohol products. Also very suitable for cleaning lenses etc. Contains isopropyl alcohol, abbreviated IPA (also called 2-propanol, isopropanol). 



These lint-free wipes are ideal for cleaning stripped fibers before splicing or terminating connectors. They are suitable for cleaning fiber optic connectors, lenses and other sensitive materials. Kimwipes have a high tensile strength, are soft, non-abrasive and can be used for both wet and dry cleaning.


Consumables for Blowing


Cleaning sponges are used when cleaning dust or moisture from a microduct. The sponge is blown through the microduct by the air pressure from the installation tool. Sponges are also used to smear out cable blowing lubricant in microducts.



Lubricant reduces frictional drag during the blowing of fiber optic cable into ducts. It increases the distance cable can be installed in a continuous length.  Lubricant can also be used to blow in empty microducts for future microcable installation. 


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